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Product Request

Product Requests

We would like to hear from you.  Let us know some what products you would like to see us  manufacture.  In return this is a good way for us to know what our customers are looking for. As a result,  If there is enough interest in a product we will look into it.  After that if possible go froward into production. * However Please Note that this is not a waiting list or any type of order forum only a place to throw ideas around. Thanks again for sharing you ideas with us.  We look forward to hearing from you.



What product would you like to see the MOST?
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52 thoughts on “Product Requests”

      • thanks , your doing a great job making fine products.. as soon the 357 mag and 44 mag 18inch 12ga inserts are back in stock they too will be in my collection also would love to see 22 hornet 12ga inserts back in the line up.. id take that over 223..

  1. How about a 12ga to 20ga RIFLED insert ?
    I have an Ithaca M-49 lever action that I’d like to make into an accurate 20ga slug gun.

  2. Perhaps you can consider doing custom orders.. . Commenting is fine and dandy & throwing ideas around and such but at the end of the day we’re still waiting. I’m not saying you should have to fill every request you get, but when a product is requested that you do make but are out of stock on, you should get right on that. Especially if you’re sold out of a product you already normally make. These items are sure to sell seeing as you’re sold out of them. Just a suggestion… I suspect it’s not going to happen somehow though

    • I’m looking to put a 24 inch barrel on my S M 500 MAGNUM it has a 12 inch on it. I know that S M dose sell a 27 inch I dont know if they will profile the barrel. I got this one when it first came out since then I have done some some great hunting with it. But after two meager surgeries on my right arm it’s become hard to steady and after 2 double fires with this gun you can’t believe how scary that is.So I’m looking for a different way to use it . Give it some thought. Hop to hear back from you.

  3. Hiya!
    Love my 45-70 shotgun insert. I just ordered a 5″ 22 mag barrel. I turned my doctor on to you guys. He was VERY impressed and I am SURE he will be ordering.

    Any idea when the 18″ 12 gauge to 44 mag adapters will be back in stock???


    • Thank you, We are glad to hear that you like your adapter and appreciate your business. Thank you for spreading the word. Hopefully if all goes as planned we will be able to start on the 18″ 44 mag this summer.


    • Thank you very much, We are looking into the 223 but if we are able to do one it will be late this year. Thank you again for your support.


    • We should have about 5 ready to list this weekend. After that we plan on making more but it will be 3-4 months before we can start on them. Thank you for your interest.


  4. I’d like to see barrel liners back in stock…
    though there doesn’t seem to be any requests here for them (?)
    I’d like to see a .327 mag liner @ 28″

    Just finishing up a conversion using one of your .357 liners, Beretta 412 folding shotgun as a donor.
    It was a bit rough in places (light pitting, etc) so complete disassemble, doing all the metal work, re-bluing, honing all of the internals, lightening spring and trigger work. Stocks to bare wood, staining and re-cutting the checkering borders and some of the field.
    Got the action back together today and it’s clean, crisp and now has a nice 3# trigger. It will wear a Lyman receiver sight.
    The wood has the seal coat on and tomorrow I’ll wet sand to fill the grain, then finish.
    I’ll send pics and report on the accuracy when done.


      • Email Sent with pictures.

        Haven’t fired this beauty yet…
        Still have to fit a front sight and make an extractor, in the meantime I’ll just use a penknife… thanks for cutting the rim slightly oversize.
        I’ll follow up with an accuracy report soon.


  5. Hi, what you need to do is is advertise a whole lot more to get your name and product out there to the public. I bought a lot of short lane tubes that I would not have purchased from them, had I know about you guys. Your product is cheaper by the inch and a better product by far.

  6. Hello. I would buy 11” to 18” .410 to .327 magnum.
    Second place would be 18” 410 to 22 hornet.
    I’d be using the insert in a Rossi 410 break action with a 22” barrel mod choke.

  7. I would like a .32 acp barrel liner .625″ or .5″ OD. A rifle that would shoot .32 acp could be very useful, an alternative to .22 lr but reloadable. In a rifle the .32 acp would exceed the performance of the .22 lr and could also be loaded very light, so shooting from a longer barrel the report could be very low

  8. I need a 12 gauge to 17 Hornet adapter built (18 inch )… you do “special” orders?,
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    • At this time We are not able to do custom special orders but I will make a not to look into that round for future inserts.Thank you for your interest.

  9. This is two part. First a request, I would like to see a 12ga. Muzzle loading insert. I think it would basically be a steel shot shell that would smooth the transition from chamber to the barrel so it could effectively load from barrel with fiber and card wads.
    The other is a quick product review. Recently recieved a 8 inch 20 ga to 357 mag insert and installed it in an old Savage 24C. The sights are poor, the trigger breaks at about 8 pounds and the shooter is 72. I was able to shoot 2 inch groups with everything from 38 wadcutters to fairly hot 357 mag rounds at 25 yards. I was resting against a tree and the groups were a few inches right of poa, that’s what adjustable sights are for. Very happy with it for first efforts. I did learn you have to remember to keep the barrel pointed down when open.

  10. 12ga to 308 would open up more customers i think. i have purchased the 45/70 and never seen anything cooler, i honestly love it everyone els does to but they prefer 308 hope to see it soon ill be first in line. im still pondering on my next choice…

  11. Is a 12 ga. Muzzle loading insert that fills the chamber feasible? I have tried a competitors version but it is too short and the wads loosely fit in the chamber where the normal shell fills. This allows gas blow by and makes lousy patterns. The patterns are checked on a patterning board, the reason for the poor showing is my opinion but you can feel the wads drop into the chamber. I’m looking to inexpensively get new shooters into ML shotguns.

  12. So I have the 12ga -> .327 Federal in 5″. Snapped it up the moment I saw it. I’d rather it was 18″. It’s a super versatile chambering and the longer length should really benefit the whole .32 family. I’d buy the longer length in an instant.

    12ga -> .223 sounds interesting to me as well.

    Looking forward to growing my collection of your excellent offerings even further.

  13. Hello chad.Looking to order rifled 5 inchers.
    12 to 9mm
    12 to 22lr
    410 to 22.

    18 inchers are great, but will not fit in most pouch shell holders.Preppers or SHTFers need something smaller/portable ,grab and go.Example.
    Depring MOLLE Tactical 25 Rounds Shotshell Pouch Holder Compact Foldable Shotgun Reload Ammo Mag Bag Quick Access Shotgun Shell below.I hope this helps


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