20 Gauge to 30-30 Back Chamber

20ga 30-30 Shotgun Adapters

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30-30 Shotgun Adapters for 20 Gauge Shotguns

30-30 Shotgun Adapters are Rifled with a 1:12 twist rate.

Rifled Dimensions:  4 Groves x .176 Wide.   Bore .303  / Grove .310


20ga 30-30 Shotgun Adapters for 20 Gauge Shotguns

These Shotgun Adapters allows a 20 Gauge Shotgun to use  30-30 Win Ammo.

For 3″ Or 2 3/4″ Chambers

18″ Long

Compatible with Break Action single or double barrel shotgun.
Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Rifled with a 1:12 twist rate.

Rifled Dimensions:  4 Groves x .176 Wide.   Bore .303  / Grove .310

Black Oxide coating as a result provides notably better corrosion protection (for maximum corrosion protection keep a thin coat of oil on the insert)
20ga 30-30 Win Shotgun Adapters Comes with multiple O-ring configurations.  As a result,  easily achieving a good fit for 20 gauge shotguns.
Please Note:  Not all shotguns are the same!  While most shotgun are capable of handling high pressure rounds such as the. On the other hand some are not.   Therefore only use these rounds in shotguns that are capable.  For example, a shotgun with a SB1 or Sb2 reciever.  I recommend on any shotgun to test the first shot in a vice while out of harms way in addition  always wear eye and ear protection.  After that if you see that the primer punctured in the round discontinue using this round and use the less powerful round. Such as a 38 Special instead of the 357 Mag These high pressure rounds include: 45-70 gov., 357 Mag, 327 Shotgun Adapters , 44 Mag, 30-30 Win and 22 Hornet.  Please always be safe and aware.
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What are Shotgun Adapters?

Shotgun Adapters frequently called Chamber Reducers or Shotgun Barrel Inserts. Our shotgun adapters allow you to use other types of ammunition in a Break Action Shotgun. Including double barrel and over and under double barrels in addition to the popular single barrel break action. We offer several different versions to suit your preference in ammunition, as well as length. 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun adapters are our most popular adapters followed closely by the 410. 16 Gauge is something we plan on expanding in the future.

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Black Oxide, No Finish (Silver)

22 reviews for 20ga 30-30 Shotgun Adapters

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    Packaging and delivery great, out of stocks are an issue.

  2. Scott B. (verified owner)

    Looks and fits great. But havent had a chance to fore it yet.

  3. Ronald (verified owner)

    Excellent workmanship. When my health improves, I will test fire it.

  4. Frederick G. (verified owner)

    Perfect Experience, Perfect Quality product too

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

  6. H N. (verified owner)

    Superlative seller: VG product, VG communication, courteous and so helpful. A++

  7. Rick Bullock (verified owner)

    Excellent. With just one O ring and a single bead sight I’m hitting accurately out to 100 yards.

  8. Michael Grills (verified owner)

    All adapters have given me great results. Looking for a 5.56/ 223 adapter. Thank you

  9. Aaron Hooper (verified owner)

    Top quality as always!!!

  10. Mike Mills (verified owner)

    Great part ! I will be buying other adapters !

  11. Floyd Rager (verified owner)

    I have not used it yet, but am so excited to add it to my survival collection. I hunt a small property and this may just be the perfect fit for it.

  12. Patrick (verified owner)

    Super to buy from. Excellent
    Service. Excellent Product. Good Communications.

  13. Norman C Utter (verified owner)

    The 20 ga. to 30-30 works really good. I just received a 12 ga. to 30-30 I had my wife order for me so now I have a second one for my 12 ga. over under All I need now is two 44 magnum 11″for my 12 ga.

  14. Mark Upton (verified owner)

    Very hard to extract vs my 45-70 ; any solution in case you had to reload for a charging pig or bear even with a knife blade? Any modifications ? -Mark

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      Good Afternoon, I am sorry to hear that you are difficulty extracting the casing. Have you tried different types of ammo? You can return it and we will try to correct the issue or replace it with another adapter. Thank you again for you business.


  15. Leonard Stuart (verified owner)

    Impressed with machine work and overall appearance. Will be shooting them in double barrel shotgun later.

  16. Cleaver H. (verified owner)

    You just can’t go wrong with these inserts. Work like a charm and reasonably priced.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent workmanship unfortunately I haven’t been able to use it yet!

  18. Cody (verified owner)

    Have yet to shoot it, was finally able to find ammo. I believe that the craftsmanship of this product will reflect in a fine shooting product.

  19. james s. (verified owner)

    fantastic products and service – as with all my previous orders, great communication and follow through coupled with very prompt shipping! a hard combination to beat!! I’ll certainly be waiting in line for more. James S.

  20. ronald (verified owner)

    thumbs up

  21. J. H. (verified owner)

  22. Brooks M. (verified owner)

    By far, best quality and price adapters available, plus rapid service.

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