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12 Gauge to 30-30 Back

30-30 Shotgun Adapters

(19 customer reviews)


30-30 Shotgun Adapters for 12 Gauge Shotguns

30-30 Shotgun Adapters are Rifled with a 1:12 twist rate.

Rifled Dimensions:  4 Groves x .176 Wide.   Bore .303  / Grove .310



30-30 Win Adapters for 12 Gauge Shotguns

These Shotgun Adapters allows a 12 Gauge Shotgun to use  30-30 Win Ammo.

For 3″ Or 2 3/4″ Chambers

18″ Long

Compatible with Break Action single or double barrel shotgun.
Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Rifled with a 1:12 twist rate.

Rifled Dimensions:  4 Groves x .176 Wide.   Bore .303  / Grove .310

Black Oxide coating as a result provides notably better corrosion protection (for maximum corrosion protection keep a thin coat of oil on the insert)
12ga to 30-30 Win Adapters Comes with multiple O-ring configurations.  As a result,  easily achieving a good fit for 12 gauge shotguns.
Please Note:  Not all shotguns are the same!  While most shotgun are capable of handling high pressure rounds such as the. On the other hand some are not.   Therefore only use these rounds in shotguns that are capable.  For example, a shotgun with a SB1 or Sb2 reciever.  I recommend on any shotgun to test the first shot in a vice while out of harms way in addition  always wear eye and ear protection.  After that if you see that the primer punctured in the round discontinue using this round and use the less powerful round. Such as a 38 Special instead of the 357 Mag These high pressure rounds include: 45-70 gov., 357 Mag, 327 Shotgun Adapters , 44 Mag, 30-30 Win and 22 Hornet.  Please always be safe and aware.
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What are Shotgun Adapters?

Shotgun Adapters frequently called Chamber Reducers or Shotgun Barrel Inserts. Our shotgun adapters allow you to use other types of ammunition in a Break Action Shotgun. Including double barrel and over and under double barrels in addition to the popular single barrel break action. We offer several different versions to suit your preference in ammunition, as well as length. 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun adapters are our most popular adapters followed closely by the 410. 16 Gauge is something we plan on expanding in the future.

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Black Oxide, No Finish (Silver)

19 reviews for 30-30 Shotgun Adapters

  1. William Burch (verified owner)

  2. frederick knittel (verified owner)

    cant coment it never came yet!!!!!!!

  3. Norman C Utter (verified owner)

  4. Carl (verified owner)

    I like the 12 gauge-30/30 adapter. I am using it in a NEF Pardner with a 22 inch modified choke barrel and it is decent. When the 20 gauge-30/30 adapter becomes availible I will but one of those as well.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. Velmer Hempstead (verified owner)

    The products the 44 mag-12gauge and 30/30- 12 gauge adapters are great shooters. I now need two 30/30 20 gauge for my over and under. Also my 357/20 gauge is also a favorite shooter. This company makes the best.

  7. Mike Bruce (verified owner)

    Spoke with Chad a number of times. Ordered the 30/30 adaptor in 12 gauge and it shipped quicky, and arrived in good stead. Immediately check fired in both a Savage 24 over and under, and an H&R Pardner. The Savage cut a three shot group you could cover with a Zippo, fired standing off hand at 25 yards. The H&R with just a front bead, fired standing off hand as well, put all three in a good minute of deer at 25 yards. Very satisfied with both service and product. So much so, I did a follow up order for a second adaptor in 20 gauge!!! Had pretty much same results with it firing standing off hand at 25 yards with both an NEF 20 Pardner,.. .and a cut down 20 gauge Hatfield. All rounds minute of dead deer at 25 yards. Looking forward to getting these out on a longer shot soon, but all in all, I’d highly recommend these for quality, service and especially for the added versatility!

  8. Jeannie B. (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with this product it’s well made user friendly and accurate

  9. Vincent Milton (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the quality of your products. I’ve ordered several 18″ rifled inserts (44Mag & 30-30 ) and I continue to inform people about them. I’ve got a Super Comanche 45LC/410 with a 10″ barrel that I’d love to put a Chaszel 7.5″ 9mm insert in ! Thank you.

  10. Louis Orman (verified owner)

    Fantastic Workmanship,have other calipers all shoot very accurate.well worth the money

  11. paul close (verified owner)

    I have the 44 mag , the 45-70 and the 30-30 all in 18 in 12 GA and I love them all.

  12. Arcy Swopes (verified owner)

    Best product I’ll tryed.Way BETTER then gunadapters!!!!!!!

  13. Edmundo Bustamante (verified owner)

  14. kenneth moores (verified owner)

    i use the 12 ga to 30-30 along with the 12ga to 45-70 in a Midland 18 inch back packer both inserts impressed me i used several off the shelf brands of ammo with zero trouble hoping to see a 12ga to 223 in the near future , i highly recomend this company

  15. Miguel Morales (verified owner)

  16. Frederick Van Kirk (verified owner)

    Thank you, getting it was kinda like Christmas morning. I have your 11″ 45 cal. AND 16″ 9 MM.

  17. James H. (verified owner)

    great service and so far so good

  18. Brooks M. (verified owner)

    By far, best quality and price adapters available, plus rapid service.

  19. Mike Bruce (verified owner)

    After talking with Chad, I ordered one of the 30/30 inserts. Extremely satisfied with both the service and quality of this product. Literally took it straight out if the packaging and inserted into the barrel if a Savage 24F combo gun. First three rounds were fired off hand and cut a group I could cover with a Zippo at 25 yards. With some adjustment, and more shooting I expect I’ll do better. Was quite impressed. Removed the insert an fired three rounds from an H&R Pardner…all off hand…all minute of dead deer at 25 yards. Looking forward to getting some longer range shots soon. Call Chad Monday and ordered one in 20 gauge as well. Great service, great shipping, great product. Highly recommend for those looking for added versatility.👍👍👍

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      Thank you so much Mr. Bruce we really appreciate your review.


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