Chaszel 410 to 32 S&W Long Shotgun Adapter 5" Long

32 S&W Long 410 Shotgun Adapters

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32 S&W Long Shotgun Adapters for 410 Shotguns

Adapters come in Length with more to come


All Adapters are Fully Rifled with a 1-12 Twist.

Select Chamber Length below: 
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32 S&W Long Shotgun Adapters for 410 Shotguns

32 S&W Long Shotgun Adapters Allow a 410 Shotgun to also use 32 S&W Ammo.

For 3″ as well as 2.5″ Chambers (Each version sold separately)

Compatible with Break Action single as well as double barrel shotgun.

Rifled with a 1:12 twist rate.

Black Oxide coating as a result provides notably better corrosion protection (for maximum corrosion protection keep a thin coat of oil on the insert)

5″ Long

Comes in 3 or 2.5″ Chamber varieties.
(Due to the thin wall required for this insert I recommend using only standard Load ammo.  Reloads should stays at or below the standard PSI range for the round)


What are Shotgun Adapters?

Shotgun Adapters frequently called Chamber Reducers or Shotgun Barrel Inserts. Our shotgun adapters allow you to use other types of ammunition in a Break Action Shotgun. Including double barrel and over and under double barrels in addition to the popular single barrel break action. We offer several different versions to suit your preference in ammunition, as well as length. 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun adapters are our most popular adapters followed closely by the 410. 16 Gauge is something we plan on expanding in the future.


FPS (Feet Per Second)

As a general rule, the longer the adapter, the more FPS it produces. However, with low-pressure rounds such as the 45 colt, the fps difference is minimal. If you are interested, here is an excellent website that gives a good idea of fps per inch BBTI. All of our shotgun adapters are entirely made in the United States and are an affordable addition to your break action shotgun. Thank you for you interest in our Shotgun Adapters or Chamber Reducers. We are working to make more adapters for more calibers, so you can sign up to be notified here
The video below gives a brief demonstration of how they work.

We are working to make more adapters for more calibers, so you can sign up to be notified here. Thank you for your interest.

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2 1/2", 3"

7 reviews for 32 S&W Long 410 Shotgun Adapters

  1. Horace H. (verified owner)

    I used the 32 S&W adapter in the 410 chamber of my Savage 42. It was accurate at 30 yards, allowing me to consistently hit a soda can with both 32 S&W short and long cartridges. Looking forward to getting the 327 Federal adapter for my 410 when it’s back in stock.

  2. JOHN TURNER (verified owner)

    Good quality product but 32 long for 410 gauge would not fit properly 3 single shot guns i tried it in. h and r came closest but action wouldnt close. Found li worked by putting first into a 12 gauge to 410 gauge adapter and firing it in a 12 gauge but sloopy fit. K ept it for maybe later use.

  3. Kerry Patten (verified owner)

    The adapter needed some polishing on 2 diameters to fit my .410 double barrel Eastern Arms. 50-100 years old. Wasn’t hard for a retired machinist like me.

  4. Jeff D. (verified owner)

    Prompt shipment; quality product; but, it is a very loose a fit in my Rossi .410, which may be Rossi’s fault. Someone stole my micrometer, so I can’t check right now. When I get another, I will mike it and still test it with a stand off line before risking it next to my face.

    I don’t see how it could be accurate in this gun, but perhaps I can find another use for it. If it’s the Rossi that’s off, it might fit another .410.

    This adapter does not have any O-rings. I purchased another adapter from Chaszel that does, and it fits my H&R 20 very well.

  5. Colby Quilling (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous

    Price, shipping and workmanship are all top rate! ( I tried this adapter in a RIA .410 Tradition “Slug” model. There is a rudimentary rear sight.) The bullet holes showed no signs of instability (keyholes), so all was good there. However, I could not do better than 6″+ groups at 10 yards, also about 6″ high. Due to some medical issues that have arisen with us, I was not able to take the time to work with the adapter as I would have liked, so had to return it (really wish I could have gotten it to work). If I had kept it I believe I would have looked into placing some very thin O-rings on the forward (tapered) section to see if I could have tightened up the fit. Any hardware store has a wide selection and they are dirt cheap, so it would be a simple fix to try out. I can’t take away from the quality of the workmanship in any way, I just think in this particular gun there was just enough looseness in the fit to throw the shots. Aside from this, the folks at Chaszel are great to deal with. I look forward to checking back with them in the future to see what’s new.

  7. Jeffrey Finney (verified owner)

    Great product

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