410 to 38 11in Chamber Half

38 Special 410 Shotgun Adapters

(39 customer reviews)


38 Special Shotgun Adapters for 410 Shotguns

Adapters come in 3 Lengths

5″, 10″ and 18″

All Adapters are Fully Rifled with a 1-16 Twist.


38 Special Shotgun Adapters for 410 Shotguns

38 Shotgun Adapters Allow a 410 Break Action Shotgun with a 3″ Chamber to use 38 Special Ammo.

Single as well as Double Barrel

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

38 Shotgun Adapters Rifle dimensions are .355″/.349″ with 6 lands and .125″ wide with a 1:16 twist rate.

Black Oxide coating as a result provides notably better corrosion protection (for maximum corrosion protection keep a thin coat of oil on the insert)

(Because of the thin wall required for this insert Therefore  I recommend using only standard Load for 38 special ammo.  In addition If reloads are used make sure the pressure stays at or below the standard PSI range)


Please be aware that the 18″ 410 adapters may not work in all shotguns, depending on the bore diameter.  Shotguns with tapered bores may not fit.  Due to the already thin wall it is not possible to make these adapters any smaller.

What is a tapered bore?
A tapered bore is exactly what the title implies. The diameter of the bore gradually tapers down from breech to muzzle. The amount of the taper is slight — perhaps one-thousandth to as much as two-thousandths of an inch; but at the time this service was performed, the measuring tools needed to accurately measure it weren’t commonly available. So, most of the makers didn’t actually know how much they were tapering their bores — just the fact that they were.

What are Shotgun Adapters?

Shotgun Adapters frequently called Chamber Reducers or Shotgun Barrel Inserts. Our shotgun adapters allow you to use other types of ammunition in a Break Action Shotgun. Including double barrel and over and under double barrels in addition to the popular single barrel break action. We offer several different versions to suit your preference in ammunition, as well as length. 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun adapters are our most popular adapters followed closely by the 410. 16 Gauge is something we plan on expanding in the future.


38 Shotgun Adapters

FPS (Feet Per Second)

As a general rule, the longer the adapter, the more FPS it produces. However, with low-pressure rounds such as the 45 colt, the fps difference is minimal. If you are interested, here is an excellent website that gives a good idea of fps per inch BBTI. Our shotgun adapters are an affordable addition to your break action shotgun. Thank you for you interest in our 38 Shotgun Adapters or Chamber Reducers. We are working to make more adapters for more calibers, so you can sign up to be notified here
The video below gives a brief demonstration of how they work.

We are working to make more adapters for more calibers, so you can sign up to be notified here. Thank you for your interest.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5", 10", 16"

39 reviews for 38 Special 410 Shotgun Adapters

  1. Angela Brito -ALFREDO RENNE G. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, seller with very good management and attention

  2. Kelly (verified owner)

    The .38 Special adapter fits good in my Rossi .410 and it
    will be better than a 9mm adapter in my Tuffy shotgun
    because it has much lower chamber pressure than the
    9mm, so it will also be safer to shoot.

  3. Robert (verified owner)

    These adapters are fantastic now I get more versatility out of my 410

  4. Coty D. (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and very extremely quick when answering any questions you have. Will buy from again.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast service. Have not tried it yet but good fit in my gun. Satisfied with the quality.

  6. David E. (verified owner)

    This will not work in any of my 410/45 colt guns.

  7. Bruce Murray (verified owner)

    I can’t rate your product because I still have not received it yet. ordered on the 6th (20 days past due and counting )

  8. David Walker (verified owner)

    Works good. Needed to apply a few raps of plumber’s tape to keep the projectiles from key holing. Fired every time. 👍

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Well-made chamber adapter, Adds much to a 410 single- or double-barrel shotgun.

  10. Russ Erickson (verified owner)

    Excellent workmanship, fits great !

  11. L. Robert Grefseng (verified owner)

  12. Veral Hines (verified owner)

    This product was served into the 3 inch chamber of a Izmash made .410 shotgun and is not stuck there. Requiring an extraction that may ruin the gun and definitely will destroy the insert. I am not happy. I have no idea if it’s a flaw in the product or the weapon but I lubed the insert and have never had issues with the weapon…can’t for sure say the insert is the issue but it is definitely destroyed and I was not able to use it

  13. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

    I have one in my 20 gauge and it’s great. Got one for the 410 in my savage 42. Now I have 22, 410 and 38 special in a takedown backpack rifle! Couldn’t be more pleased. Great accuracy and a fantastic product

  14. john morton (verified owner)

  15. Wm.Bryant Kincaid (verified owner)

    Great product ! Exceeded all expectations. ,trying to acquire 410/9mm 11 inch version.

  16. MIchael S. (verified owner)

    I really enjoy shooting 38 wad cutters with this adapter.I can pop soda cans at 50 yards with the bead on my H&R.
    These guys do really good work.I am very satisfied with
    everything I have purchased from them.

  17. Paul T. (verified owner)

    This is my third insert from Chaszel. each one has impressed me. They are surprisingly accurate, and affordable to boot. Unlike some others out there, these can actually handle some of the more popular “carry” calibers.

  18. Raymond L. (verified owner)

    Much better than I’d anticipated, however “Out of stock” items seem to dominate your catalog.

  19. Tim D. (verified owner)

    as advertized and very fast delivery

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My husband ordered this and was very pleased with the product.

  21. Christopher (verified owner)

    I love .38’s fired from a long barrel! This adapter fits in a bolt-action .410, but it’s hard to reach in to extract the empties. A dental pick, or long 1/4 dowel, solves that. But it won’t have that problem in the break-action that I got it for.

  22. Charles Walton (verified owner)

    After consultation with Chad Waters he directed me to the exact product that met the needs of my customers project and the adapter/liner purchased will fit the bill perfectly.
    Very pleased with Mr. Waters product workmanship and friendly service.

  23. Thomas (verified owner)

  24. Edward (verified owner)

    always liked idea of 38 special in a 410 but this is not accurate. wish there were some way to take wobble out of the adapter. using this in h&r 410 pardner

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      One thing you can try to do to improve the fit an accuracy is using Teflon tape to build up the adapter on the muzzle end so it fits in snugly. I know that is not a great solution and we will continue to work no ways to improve. Thank you for your review we appreciate your feedback.


  25. William W. (verified owner)

    Good product works well and custom service is outstanding

  26. CHARLES VALENZUELA (verified owner)

    I finally got to the range yesterday and tested my new .410-.38 Special adapter in the shotgun barrel of my Springfield M6 survival rifle. I tested three brands of 110g defensive ammunition and handloads of 125g and 158g XTP hollow points. Velocities were very good and a bit higher than I expected, ranging between 1156 fps and 1358 fps for the 110g factory loads. Handload velocities were also very good, using five different powders on 125g XTP with velocities ranging between 1176 fps to 1267 fps depending on the powder brand and 158g XTP with velocities between 982 fps and 1016 fps with the same powders but reduced to recommended starting loads. The factory velocities were all about 400 fps faster than I normally achieve from a 3-inch revolver using the same ammunition. Handload velocities were also higher than predicted, but I had not fired these same loads previously so I am unable to report the average increase compared to the revolver. I was NOT shooting the maximum loads listed in my manuals, but after examining the brass and adapter for pressure signs I plan to increase to the maximum (but NOT +P) recommended loads for the next round of testing. As far as accuracy goes, as expected with a drop-in adapter, the accuracy was not particularly good beyond 50 meters, with 100 meter accuracy being less than necessary to hit a 16-inch target with any of the loads tested. As I mentioned above, a drop-in adapter, having some “play” at the exit end of the adapter and shotgun barrel is not really expected to give a high level of accuracy beyond 50 meters. I like the accuracy of this .38 adapter enough that I am looking forward to purchase a 9mm adapter when they are eventually available. Thanks for a well-made and very handy product!

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      Thank you for your very thorough review, we really appreciate it. Because of the required thin wall thickness on these adapters we are not able to use O-rings. This makes it hard to achieve a tight fit as well as keeping it small enough to fit in most 410 shotguns because the bore can vary significantly between makes and models. One thing you can try to do to improve the fit an accuracy is using Teflon tape to build up the adapter on the muzzle end so it fits in snugly. I know that is not a great solution and we will continue to work no ways to improve. Thank you again for your business and you support.


  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good product

  28. Howard Bernier (verified owner)

    Beautifully done. Can’t wait to get out and use it.

  29. Robert M. (verified owner)

    Great quality and service as always!

  30. William (verified owner)

    great fit and makes a break open more versatile and handy

  31. Brian W. (verified owner)

    Very good quality machining & finish, fits in my .410 perfect, looking forward to trying it out. I also have others for my 20ga……

  32. Ann. M. (verified owner)

    Would not go in single shot 410 shot gun chamber for 3″ shell. The adapter is 10″ long

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      Good Afternoon, Because of the required thin walls of these adapters it is difficult to make them fit snug and fit all the different 410 shotguns. We make the chamber dimensions (-.002″) and the bore (-.005″). They should fit in most 3″ chamber shotguns that are chambered to SAAMI specifications. However there can be another problem if the barrel is fully tapered to a choke dimension. I am very sorry that it did not work in you shotgun. I have fully refunded your credit card and I will send you a prepaid return label soon. If you want when I get the return back I can shorten the adapter the length that remains ( If you think it is because of a tapered barrel). Thank you again for your business.


  33. Jake

    Can you shoot 357 from this adapter?

    • Chaszel (store manager)

      No, It will only chamber 38 Special.

  34. steve (verified owner)

    I recommend his products, good products at a fair price. It is obvious that he cares about his customers and his products. I will buy from him again.

  35. Robert Wilson (verified owner)

    the 4/10 38 spl adapter works great workmanship is fine i would buy this again

  36. thomas steele (verified owner)

    my first review was not Chaszels fault, it was the post office .Chaszel promptly sent me another one . very nice cant wait to shoot it!

  37. thomas steele (verified owner)

    I still have not received it?? its been 11 days??

  38. Phil Cochran (verified owner)

    What’s not to love? Affordable, excellent quality, and accurate too! This adapter let me get my old 410 out of the cabinet for the first time in several years and shoot it inexpensively. My 7 year old daughter probably would’ve shot up all my ammo if the gun were smaller and easier for her to hold, she loved it as much as me! Another excellent product and I will certainly be adding to the couple I have!

  39. John R. (verified owner)

    Great product!

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